Thursday, June 12, 2014

The time this blog saved my life.....

I had a meeting today that turned out nothing like I thought it would be. It started out having nothing to do with this blog - and ended with this blog, along with Lipstick and Liquor and the other pieces of media I have done being the main discussion.

When I was sharing about I got to the point in its story where it truly saved my sanity. If you've followed this blog over the years then you know that I went through a very rough patch right after the Dr. Phil show aired. It was like a emotional perfect storm. There are a few times in sobriety that had I not been sober I would have needed to be institutionalized - and that was one of them. I could hardly leave the house, and putting words and thoughts together was nearly impossible. I blogged through it. I logged on and blogged. Sometimes it was just a quote, but I said something - I believe it stopped me from getting completely and totally  trapped in my own mind.

Today at me meeting I said "When I started I didn't care if it helped 1 person or a million - I just wanted it help someone - and during that time it was okay that was just me" When it came out of my mouth I was reminded how special this blog is.

Thank you - thank all of you and please know that there was a time (more that 1 one actually) that you truly kept me sober and sane....and for that I am so, so grateful.


  1. Hi Emily. Because of you and your blog, I have started my path to sobriety - so I want to thank YOU. I just watched the Lipstick and Liquor video last week (finally). What a powerful video and so great of you to be a part of it. I actually watched the video more than once. As I am typing this comment, I am sober at a time of day that I would "normally" be drunk. I felt so ashamed of my drinking that it took me long time to ask for help to stop. I admitted my drinking problem for the first time on your blog, but it took me a long time to admit to a close friend and ask for help. I am seeing a therapist and am very hopeful that I will not revert back to drinking my bottle of wine every night.

    Thank you Emily.


  2. Thank you for your courage to start this blog. I saw your show you on Dr. Phil and I am a mother who drinks...people on the outside looking in would assume I have the perfect life. I have tried several times to stop drinking but to no avail. I am going to stop today....thank you.


  3. Browsing through your blog today has helped me. I appreciate your honesty and openness and I admire how brave you are for sharing.

  4. There are lots of people who need encouragement and help in their journey towards sobriety. Some might disagree with you and your views, but there are surely others who will understand you and agree with you. So whatever happens, don't stop making your story known. There are people who will find encouragement in your experiences and your posts. You might be someone else's beacon of hope and light, so keep at it!

    Donnie Benson @ Midwest Institute for Addiction