Thursday, January 24, 2013

Any Questions?

Since I have nothing to say these days. Let's do something you have any questions for me? About my recovery? My family? How to get sober? How I stay sober? Whatever you want to know?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To blog-or not to blog

that is the question.

I started this blog because I wanted people to have a place to go, to connect. I never want another alcoholic to suffer alone.

In the beginning I blogged for you, but this blog turned around and saved my life during a time that I was so depressed that during my drinking days with out a doubt, I would have been hospitalized for. I blogged my way through it. It gave me just enough time out of my head to stay sane. And then once again I was blogging for you.

I'm not sure now who I am blogging for, or what direction this blog should take -if any-

I know this....I don't want to blog about being sick anymore. I have fought, and worked, and prayed-and I have recovered. To talk about being sick all the time will keep me sick. But I have this under line feeling of guilt to get on here and blog about my absolutely fabulous life. But that's what it is. Sure, I have bad days-But I go to a meeting, I call my sponsor, I pray. I don't drink-and it passes.

If you want what I have, do what I do.