Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bill Johnson's Big Apple

So I don't talk much about where I work, or what I do. I don't know why really, my work is a huge part of my life, and becoming bigger each and every day...

I work for Bill Johnson's Big Apple. I am in catering, I manage the catering for the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers...I do a whole lot of others things, but for sure the baseball teams are my favorite part!

I want to tell you a little about Bill Johnson's Big Apple , because it is special. Bill Johnson and his amazing wife Gene started Big Apple in 1956. It was the most hip-happening place in the entire valley....they had cute waitresses, amazing food, and a radio show recording right in the restaurant (you can listen to the recordings on the website) They sell their famous BBQ sauce all over the country (watch, now that you're reading this you'll notice it in your local grocery store-buy it, it's yummy!) Restaurants don't normally made it, but this one has. There are 5 restaurants through out the valley.  It is still ran by the family, whom I feel honored to work for.
I love, love, love my job!!

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  1. I love that you love your job. This coming from another gal who loves her job. I'm grateful and feel so thankfull that I'm doing something that interests me so much. The reason for my reply today is that I've been following you (in the shadows) and when I click on your blog, it takes so long to load everything. I'm wondering if you've thought about removing some of the older posts so that your fans can access your blog easier. Rock on! Mary