Friday, July 9, 2010

Writers Block

Thank you soooo much Annette! You post is honest and wonderful. Thank you for jumping in for me while I was at a loss for words!

Here's what I think is going on with me...I must not be use to writing in the quiet (I am starting to miss the boys) I am really worried about money (which I try not to talk about on here) and I made a small step in the direction of dating (tomorrows story)along with the fact I have like 10 stories to write floating around in my head. So I am going to try to do what I did in the beginning of the blog and write the stories down on paper. It is way easier for me to write that way.

My advice for today is... Just don't drink, not even if your ass falls off.


  1. You are very's actually just what I needed today! And don't worry, my ass did fall off today & I didn't drink!....because of you, everyone on here, my sponsor, my program, my therapist & my "Full Circle of Support"...that's what kept me from drinking yesterday & today! Let me know if you need my help again - you know I enjoy writing & helpin my girl out!!!

  2. Emily, you made me laugh out loud with your comment about not drinking even if your ass falls off! I'd like to drop a few pounds, maybe that is one way... :)


  3. Love it! I appreciate, APPRECIATE ALL of you, your insightfulness is amazing and your stories very helpful. Only on the first week of sobriety, however I am so excited to live my life without having to numb myself.

    I can very much relate to Annette's guest blog yesterday and have been in counciling for over a year. I too, have been dealing with issues that when I drink I just don't have to deal with. Now, though it is in the VERY early stage, I am learning to see them for what they are, deal with them, and put them where they the past. And with the support of this site, GOD, my family and friends, I can get healthy!

    Today will be a challenge as my husband and I are joining my former cork dorks for dinner. THEY are attending a wine tasting first, we will be joining them just for dinner. But will still be tough!

    Emily, I will take your comment with me, though since these past 6 years that I have been drinking heavily, I have a much bigger ass that I WISH would fall off, I WILL NOT DRINK TODAY!!!

    God Bless All!

    Iowa Jules...aka Julie

  4. Iowa Jules - Good for you that you aren't gonna drink just for today! That's the way to do it day at a time! Got your info & will contact you later this week (you are the Julie that contacted me, correct?). I've got a baseball tourney this weekend but will keep checkin in - lots of good conversation still goin on & that's what I need in my life right now.....TO TALK TO OTHER ALCOHOLICS!!! Have a super sober day everyone!!!

  5. Annette...yes, I am the Julie that sent Em my contact info. Would love to connect with you.

    Enjoy your weekend with the games, gosh, I ust to LOVE going to my kids games. Now that they are adults, I realize just how much I miss those days!

    Question, How do I change my profile if I want to use my name? Other than using Anonymous, that is.

  6. So I am not the only one who's extra pounds go to their ass!!Before my recovery I would be in depression over my body right now.Besides alcoholism also dealt with eating disorders, this journey has helped me love myself more and more each day, there is just more of me to love! I use to hide now I just live and it feels great!!no more hiding, no more starving myself, no more drinking my sorrows away and no more avoiding.My son had an 8:30am lacross practice this morning and made it(2nd one there) and wasn't hung over or still drunk. Know I have lots to learn and work through yet but every day is gets easier and this forum absolutely plays a huge are all awesome and hope you have a great day!!Enjoy life it is way too short!!
    My husband says I have an ass like J Lo, but for some reason it looks better on her!!
    Take care of yourself and each other!

  7. Iowa Jules - create a Google account and when you comment next time, choose Google Account instead of Anonymous...that's all there is too it!

    Laura - Learning to accept & love yourself as you are is a huge part of getting sober...the weight loss thing will come later. I actually thought I'd lose weight when I quit drinking, but I actually gained. I guess I did so b/c I wasn't not eating in order to get drunker faster - can laugh about that now. Now I actually eat....too much in the beginning of my sobriety, but am eating pretty dang healthy right now. Also found a healthy addiction....running & walking. I started 3-4 weeks ago, can't remember exactly when...helps me to lose some weight, keep me a bit healthier and helps me to clear my mind and soul every morning. I haven't missed a day since I started & it feels great.

    ....oh, and I WISH I had an ass like J-Lo..hahaha - but I'll just be happy with mine for today!

  8. Hey ladies, I hear you all on the weight thing. I could never understand why I didn't lose weight when I was drinking, you usually think of an alcoholic as a skinny person. We'll maybe they were skinny because they only drank and didn't eat. I would drink a bottle of vodka and consume everything in site, it is so funny how warped our minds are.

    I have to honest this is ironic that we are talking about weight, well we are women though, LOL!!! This morning at my meeting I was talking to a women who was is nice but very to herself, but for some reason she'll talk with me. anyway we were talking about meetings and our summer plans and she told me she lost 110lbs. by going to overeaters anonymous. I was talking about my weight issues and that I need to get a grip on them, she said, well you are an addict, your addicted to alcohol and food!! I was like WHAT, HOW DARE YOU CALL ME AN ADDICT!! (in my head I said that) It is the truth, I take things to extremes, all or nothing, and I do it to my best ability, I was a great drinker, I was very consistant!! Never missed a time to get drunk. I think in the beginning of stopping drinking I ate whatever I wanted to fill the void. Chocolate, cheeseburgers, anything bad, and I don't even like bad food, it makes me sick. But I needed something to CONSUME!! Well, I am going to be coming up on 3 months in 16 days and last week I said enough is enough. I have been working my AA program,, doing at least 4-6 meetings a week, talking to my sponsor and doing my AA work, now it is time to start doing some me work. I started weight watchers last week and I will let you all know on Monday how I am doing. I have tried weight watchers before, but I was a LIAR!!! I fibbed about how many drinks I drank, well when you drink a bottle of absolute a night if not more, you are not staying in your points range!!!!! Anyway. Good luck to everyone who is trying to be sober today, who wants to eat healthy and have their ass fall off in a good way, LOL!!! You know what, I thought terrible things about myself when I was drinking, and I am really starting to try to stop the negative talk. I am happy with myself because I am present because I am not drinking!!! I can now control my emotions and I don't need alcohol or food to make me feel better. The funny thing is nobody but a few people know I am in AA, but a lot of people are telling me I look great. You know why? Because I am not hung over and sweating like a beast, I am taking more pride in myself and I am being KINDER to myself.

    You all inspire me!! Thank you!!

  9. OMG, I wrote a book, sorry!!!!

  10. It was a good read doggielover!Going to start my healthy eating and back to my running and yoga routine!Want to live life to fullest.Plus I have a 150km bike ride to raise money for charity in less than 2 weeks!!!Time to get off my ass.
    Hope everyone is having a great day!!