Friday, July 2, 2010

Sorry I'm so Late

Sorry I'm posting so late, I don't know how many of you know where I
live, if not, I live in Arizona. It was about 115 degrees here
today....gross, gross, gross. It sucks the motivation right out of
you. Besided going to a meeting I didn't leave the house at all.
Soooo hot out there! I almost talked myself out of going to my
meeting, which today I know is my disease trying to take me back.

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Friday!

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  1. Just a thought.. Your thoughts and others go so far - I live in New England and we have such different temps -

    Thanks to all - Does anyone know how long it takes to forget about the alcohol ?? I am so wanting to be like others that never think about it. Day at a time...

  2. Good morning!
    I posted yesterday that I almost gave in last night - so close. Thoughts of this site helped me fight it off.

    As I have said before, I drank in secret. I am quitting in secret. A year ago I almost had 3 years and then thought I was "cured" so slowly started drinking again. Anyway, that's my background and I know many will say - come clean, let the secret out. I am not ready for that (I know - a coward). I am just wondering if anyone knows of a more interactive site to visit also? More of a bulletin board than a blog? I would love suggestions and I am sure others would be appreciative also.
    thanks and happy holiday weekend - stay strong!!

  3. Anonymous, i live in new England to and our weather has been amazing, 115, I couldn't handle that, stay inside Emily!!

    i have only been sober for about 70 days, I think in the at 1st, it is an OBSESSION, because you can't have it. Now I do think of it, but I put that thought out of my mind and move forward. To be honest, I have been reading a lot, doing things to keep my spirit lifted, going to lots of meetings. HOW DID I HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO BE WASTED??? I lost so much time being drunk and unavailable, one day at a time.

    Gloria, glad you didn't give in!! I haven't told anyone. The only person who knows is my husband and the people at the meetings. I haven't told my friends or family. I need to do this on my own terms. i don't know if it is right or wrong, but I don't think they need to know anything I don't want to tell them!! I'm getting sober for me. YOu do what is easiest for you to help you get through the day. Maybe just go to some meetings and meet some people who you can call when you low and need help, or confide in a close friend. I don't want my family to know because they are all looking for the next drama to complain about, and I don't want to be the center of the drama. I could just see it now, everyone in the kitchen fighting over if they should throw out the cooking wine, or something like that, LOL!!!

    If you need more interaction you may want to try one of the AA on line groups. i don't belong but I think you can join and you have to log on to chat and things like that.

    Good Luck everyone, have a great weekend!!

  4. Gloria, you are an inspiration to me. I relate to everything you said, except the part about being able to stop for 3 years on your own. I haven't even been able to stop for a week (although I can go a few days at a time). Wine and beer are my downfall, around late afternoon until dinner time.

    So today is my Day 1 and I am going to think of you, Gloria, when I get tempted in another 6 hours or so.


  5. Can't tell you how much I want to have a beer right now -- even tried to shake up my routine by going to a movie with my son. We're back home now; just made myself a cup of tea, and will go into the bathtub if I have to. I hate feeling this strong desire that immediately goes away as soon as I have a sip of wine or beer...

    I keep thinking of Gloria and how well she did quitting on her helps.



  6. I heard at my meeting on Thursday that we can only have one thought in our brains at a time. So I have to get the thoughts of drinking out of my mind and replace them with positive, hopeful thoughts. It is a choice, daily.

    Hang in there girls!!!!