Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Date

Did I have fun? yes! Will I go out with him again. no. Simple as that I guess. I now know why people just meet for coffee. He was super sweet, I mean really, really sweet, but I knew from the get go he wasn't a "match" for me. What's hard with that is at the end of the date you have to tell them you don't want to see them again -harsh right?- I felt bad, but I was also proud of myself for not feeling obligated to go out with him again.

The world of dating is pretty harsh. I'm really going to have to remember not to take things personally. I'm doing okay with that, for now, but I've also never crushed on a guy who didn't ask me out on a second date...hopefully I won't be writing that story anytime soon.


  1. Way to be a strong, independent woman Em!!! Proud of ya girl....be ready cuz he'll walk into your life when you least expect him! Hang tight!

  2. I'm happy to hear you had fun on your date! But we do know whether they are a "match." We just have that instinct. If we're not feeling it, he's not the one. And we can't settle. I, too, am very proud of you for staying strong and being honest, as hard as it had to be for you. You will know when you have found the "match" for you.