Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

'Oh and on top of being worried about money it's super hot today! Now don't get me wrong I'm okay with it being hot, I wouldn't live in Arizona if I wasn't. But 115 and super humid is just plain gross! Now I know some of you may be all like...shut-up's humid as hell where I live, stop whining. But still I'm hot, it's gross and I need a fan!


  1. I hear ya' Emily. It's HOT & I'm layin' low in the afternoons, trying to get out early, & grateful I'm working nights this time of year.
    On the + side, we don't have to shovel it or scrape it off our windshields. In 7-8 weeks it will all be over & on to the best weather in the world...
    Hold on & don't let it make everything else seem bigger than it is. This too shall pass...

  2. Hi, Emily --

    One word to fix both your financial and weather problems: Hawaii! I was there a few years ago; commented to my boyfriend at the time that I can't imagine a more boring job than being a weatherman in Hawaii (it's just about always the same: gorgeous!!). And there are a million jobs!

    If anyone reading this blog lives in Hawaii, let me know if I'm off base (I'll admit I know the cost of living there is a bit high...).