Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freely Given

Today I got a chance to give back a small piece of what was given so freely given to me. I feel blessed. But it's not something I can talk about on here. So let's talk about you!

How is everyone doing today?


  1. Hi Emily,
    Thats for that information. There are some days that I feel the pain is never going to stop and I want to run. But, when I stop and help somebody else--I feel alot better. I am dealing with such heartbreak the past 2 months. I finally realized-that the material things you lose in your addiction are not nearly that painful-until you start to lose people in your life. That has me so torn up inside. I am letting go of the old and trying to move to the new. It is so uncomfortable, but I want to be sober. Sometimes, that is the only thing that I can do in the day.
    Thanks again Emily!!

  2. Hi Emily, you help so many everyday, thanks!!

    This past week has been really a challenge for me. My mother's cancer is more advanced and they had to end her surgery early. I am starting to deal with FEELINGS!! I drank away those feelings 3 months ago, now I have to sort through them. It's hard but it's worth it to be sober. Went to a great meeting this morning and really helped start my day off right.

    Have a Great Day everyone!!