Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm a little bit sad today. The heart thing still I'm sure. Sick of it
I tell ya! I try not to analyze it to much and just feel it and hope
it passes...I'm going to be sooo much more senstive the next time one
of my girlfriends have a broken heart. I was totally the girl who was
all "take this time to get healthy and to make yourself the strong
amazing women you are." not realizing though that may be good advice,
it is easier said than done when you are feeling super weak and
broken. So if you one of my girlfriends and I was ever insenstive
about your broken heart or the time it took to get over it... I AM

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  1. Oh Em, I'm so sorry you are still feeling that heartbreak. Have you ever heard it takes half the time you were together to heal (up to a year that is)? I have found the most amazing man ever. I feel so lucky and good. It wasn't that long ago that I thought there was no way I would ever love again... AND if I did, it would be near how I loved my last. I'm thankful I was wrong. It gets so much better. You learn along the way. I think I have met someone I could marry and I never imagined I would say that again.... thought I would feel a fool even thinking it after my last heart break. Now I can think about the past one and be so grateful he isn't who I ended up with... even if this new person doesn't work out. It's such a great feeling. Hang in there, you'll get there. You really will. Time does heal... and sober dating is great after you get through the first couple. You get to be just you!