Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Night

The other night I rented the movie Julie&Julia. I have wanted to see it for the longest time, not only because it looked cute, but because it's all about blogging.

I'm not sure how great I thought this movie really is, I was only really interested in the blogging parts. Which I totally related to. When Julie got all stocked about her first comment, I totally understood how she felt, that's how I feel when I get a comment. And blogging even when you don't feel like it, so you don't disappoint your reader, I get that also. It was a cute movie. My favorite line was "Damn, that's hotter than a stiff cock." So funny coming out of the mouth of classy Julia Child's.

I can't remember the last time I actually sat down and watched a movie (well actually I do, it was the Hannah Montana movie). I use to go to bed watching TV every night, but since I started this blog I've been to tired at night to watch it at all. So it was very nice to relax and take in a movie!


  1. Oh, ok, fine, I'll update my blog ;)

    Haven't watched a full movie in ages....too fidgety....

  2. I rented that movie about a week ago, and I was thinking of you during all the blogging parts. There is one important difference: I think what you are doing helps people; Julie's blog was just for fun.

    While Julie eventually wrote a book about the year, I think People magazine should definitely do a follow-up on you after awhile. I hope they do. More moms will be reached and more can be helped. Even if your blog stops only one mom from drinking too much and then driving and killing people, the time you spend on this will be worth more than any measure. Of course, you'll never know you stopped something horrible like that from happening. You'll just have to have faith that you are helping people.

    Julie seemed really excited in the movie when blog readers started sending her cooking items. If your blog readers could send you something, what would you like? That may be an uncomfortable or awkward question to answer, but you didn't bring it up, I did.

    Happy New Year --

    I am "Anonymous #1" from earlier posts

  3. Anonymous #1,
    You are so sweet! If I could have my readers send me one thing, is would so be quote books!

    I would love to do an update article for People, working with them was amazing! And I so hope my blog is helping people, that was my whole point. Thank you for your comments, if it weren't for comments I wouldn't be sure anyone was reading my blog:) Em

    Mommaof3, I just checked your blog, get to updating sister!!:) Em

  4. Definitely mommaof3! I'm now following your blog as well as Em's - commence blogging! Annette