Saturday, December 26, 2009

Financial Insecurity

Well, it's over and like most of America I am sitting in financial insecurity. I didn't go crazy this year, it was a very modest Christmas. But still when you start out broke even modest spending is a strain. I am flinch, flinch, flinching. It's stupid really in the last few months every time I went to freak about how I was going to pay my bills something would give. I need to trust that I am doing the right thing and give the rest to God. In the beginning of my sobriety I turned my finances over. I had never paid my bills on time and was horrible with money. So I just turned it over to God, and when I did amazing things happened. There were times that I was positive I had overdrafted, I would call and check and there would be like $1.00 left in my account. I never did the math on it, I knew who was taking care of it. So today I am going to remind myself that right now, right this second I have everything I need.

I so hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I am so excited to hear how yours went!

30 minutes later...
OMG, it just happened again. I had just enough money in the bank to pay my car insurance and then the boys accidently charged my card to download songs instead of using the itunes gift cards. I had accepted that I may have to return one of my presents to take care of the overdraft fee. I just called the bank to hear the damage and sure as shit I have $1.20 left in my account. YEAH!! GO GOD!!

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  1. We share some of the same insecurities & "turn over" issues. I was doing well with a national new home builder 'til that bsiness went down the tubes, & have been laid off twice since then due to seniority, or lack of it. This does make Christmas time tough when money is tight & feelings of inadequacy creep in. I turned it over to my higher power as best as I could & found out my family & friends are great people & can't be bought. They will love me & welcome me no matter what I can or can not get them for Christmas. As a result of this awareness I was able to proceed with a happy & joyous Christmas & enjoy it for what it really is. Thanks HP, couldn't have done it without you...