Monday, November 9, 2009

The Reporter

So I accidentally deleted the story about the reporter. Here it is again....

If you follow my tweets the last thing I tweeted was, "I am a cranky ass, going to take a nap." While I was taking that nap something amazing happened...Beau came in and woke me up "Mom...Mom get up there is a reporter from ABC at the door."Beau is a totally honest kid, but also a huge joker so I was like "Come on Beau there is not" he was like "Mom there is too, get up." I asked him if he pinkie promised and he said "Yup" So I got up and sure enough there was a sweet reporter from ABC channel 15 at the door. She asked if I would do an interview. I asked her to come back in an hour so I could make the calls I needed to and brush my hair (I did just get up from a nap after all) The interview went great. I got to talk all about recovery, which you know made me happy!

It will air on ABC channel 15 on Tuesday the 10th at 10:00 pm. It is on the Arizona local news so I will try and post it on here for family and friends out of town to see.

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