Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Giving up Sugar for Lent

If you follow me on FB then you know I gave up sugar for lent. Come to find out sugar was my "go-to" emotion food.  I'll be honest I'm feeling pretty crappy. But I've been around long enough to know that feelings aren't facts and that they will pass. In this case they will for sure pass on April 5th - which is not only Easter but also my 41st Birthday. I am starting the day with pancakes! (hint, hint to my family)

I also gave up artificial sweetener, because I'm a bit of a Go Big or Go Home kind of girl.

I have proven to myself multiple times that I can set a goal and stick to it (which is a huge deal for me because for years I was pretty sure that I was the most undisciplined person around) The problem is keeping some sort of routine after the goal has been met.

Example: I did 64 days of yoga in a row and then it took me 2 months to get back in a yoga room. My plan was to scale back to 3 classes per week. It didn't help that I got a boyfriend right after which always throws me off my game - not their fault -  totally mine. It is something I am working on.

These goals for sure let me see my patterns...
No Boyfriend = big goals that I always accomplish
Boyfriend = no goals and crappy routines.

So as for right now I have no boyfriend, I don't drink, I don't smoke and I'm not eating any sugar... I'm just a peach to be around :)


  1. Good for you Emily I gave up coffee,tea,cigarettes, after getting off alcohol. I put on weight then I lost it & then put it back on again. Right now its coming off. This program works on every area of my life if I work it.Sugar is a huge addiction hard to avoid it, I run to it sometimes too.Stay well & happy.

  2. I gave up sugar for Lent, too!! First two weeks were hard, and so is that half hour after dinner when dessert is offered...this is the first time in my life I've ever said no to dessert!! Practice for the other times I'll need to say no!! I'm 30 days clean and sober today! Praying and working at rebuilding a solid foundation of recovery! So glad I've found your blog (through the Bubble Hour & talk about the documentary Lipstick & Liquor...which I want to watch with my sponsor). Need all the hope & encouragement I can find to keep walking this road! Take care and good luck with your sugar fast as well!! :)

  3. hmmm. Maybe you need to read a little about codependency so you don't let boyfriends interfere with your life! It is very liberating to break free of that.