Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Envy

Envy is a big red flag stearing us in the direction we are meant to go - I read this quote on a blog..I'm pretty sure it was (if you haven't read it you for sure should!) the fact I read it on that blog is actually pretty funny as I totally have blog envy of it. She's amazingly honest, has a book and a shit ton of readers .. She has accomplished on her blog the goals I have set for mine. 

But then suddenly I was reminded that this blog was built by the Grace of God and that it really doesn't matter what I want. I built it to make people feel less alone and there is no doubt that it has done that. 

I am starting to read more  recovery blogs and reach out to other amazing women who are speaking out loud and bravely about recovery. As I've said a million times the more we talk about it the less power it has over us.

Here's to brave people who take their recovery stories outside of the rooms. isn't everybody's calling but is without a doubt mine.

Thank you for helping me and encouraging me to be brave. 

**if you're just starting out know that you are not alone ... Ask for help, reach out and let us love you until you can love yourself**

(Lol I have watched WAY too much Gossip Girl) 


  1. YES! Thank you to all the amazing women in amazing recovery and their amazing blogs! Thank you to YOU and yours. I just started my recovery journey and could NOT do it without the honesty and transparency of the words that flow onto the pages of these blogs. I could not do it without my own cathartic blogging process. I found yours yesterday (after the movie :) ) and am so grateful I have. I hope that my 9 days of sobriety inspires others and I hope that 7 years from now, I am still reading, writing, processing, learning, growing and inspiring through these channels. Much gratitude and, blog envy!

  2. How do I start? So sick of this and feeling crappie and worthless

  3. I also isolate myself, at times. Never felt worthy, Had horrible acne as a teenager and really feel like that having that did so much damage to my self esteem. I'm going to be 60 for crying out loud!

  4. Lost my husband 5 years ago. Always been a drinker, started at 16 to "open up" and to feel like part of the crowd and to be able to talk! Handled it when I was married and had kids but going thru husbands cancer and hospice (he lasted for 6 weeks at home) which was a blessing but oh so hard, had a "few" to handle stress/emotions. Sounds like big putty party here. Don't mean to be. PLUS I'm getting so FAT and I've never, ever had that issue before which adds to the problem. Alcoholism runs in family. Sorry to vent like this....

  5. Sorry I'm such a downer. I will stop now.

    1. You don't need to stop. Your honesty is refreshing and describes much of what we all go through. You are courageous

    2. You don't need to stop. Your honesty is refreshing and describes much of what we all go through. You are courageous

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