Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why is the Cubs my Happy Place?

Every time I go see my friends at the Cubs Spring stadium I Facebook that I am at my "happy place" Yesterday it dawned on me that maybe you were wondering why a baseball stadium would ever be my happy place. I can explain...

5 year ago I walked into the Chicago Cubs Spring training facility broken, broke, sad and afraid. I was at my worst- or at least the worst I had been in sobriety. My heart was so broken that I could hardly take a full breath. And I was so poor that I literally ran out of gas on the way there. I was there to be the caterer having no clue that what I was going to find there was a brand new life.  I found confidence and friendship. I found a break from the shattering loneliness I was living with. I spend a lot of time there, even when I wasn't working. It was truly the place that made me the happiest. It wasn't a bad deal for Gavin either as  he truly loves everything about the sport of baseball, so being able to "play" in a stadium was pretty magical to him too.

It will always, always hold a special place in my heart. <3 nbsp="" p="">

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