Monday, January 5, 2015

Standing the test of Time

When I first started this blog I questioned if it would stand the test of time. I think it's very cool that it has. There were times that you and this blog kept me sober and  there were times I only blogged for you. But regardless I kept on blogging - biggest reason this blog is still around ;) The other is that I made a commitment to be kind and to never blog, tweet or Face book about someone in a unkind or passive aggressive way. I use to remind myself not to be do it by using the phase don't tweet AT anyone. Have I been perfect at this? No but I have done a pretty good job. I believe it is why my readers are so kind not only to me but to each other. There are plenty of blogs where you can be an asshole - I have always said that this is not one of them.

Thank you for reading and I love you.

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