Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Event Exhaustion

I am in the middle of my largest event of the year.  I  work, plan and staff events- in case you wanted to know what I did for a living. The amount of hours I am putting in is unheard of.   It is taking the life and sanity out of me. I have cried twice (not really one to cry) Sunday I slide in to a meeting a emotional train wretch. Being this tired and mentally  exhausted is dangerous for me and I know it.

Please send some prayers my way.

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  1. I know working so much can be very stressful. I use to have a full and part time job. What I would recommend is to try and take a time out sometime in between, like eat lunch for 45 minutes at the park or maybe exercise before you start your day. By the way it is ok to cry, I believe it is a fresh start to a new day.