Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I work through my stuff differently than some people. Instead of continually looking at the root of an issue,  I look at where that root is affecting me in life today. I already know where the root of most of my stuff comes from and to think that I can pull out an entire tree that has completely formed who I am is ridiculous. I have also found that sometimes it's not a deep issue at all and that the correction is as simple as pulling off a dead leaf. The more I do this the more my self-esteem grows.

I am seeing that the  stuff we go through as children greatly affects out self esteem. As adults we have a chance to work on that. We get self esteem by doing esteem able stuff.

I am really working on self-esteem these days - I'm also working on staying in the moment and like 100% other things...but self-esteem is for sure on the top of my list.


  1. Keep on writing...your words make such a HUGE difference!!

  2. I once asked my sponser to help me see what I needed to do to work on my self esteem. My sponser laughed and said, "we dont "work" on self esteem in AA because it always comes out as ego. we "work" on doing the right thing and making the right decisions. Once you can do that self esteem will become a bi-product of having done the right thing. I find out what the right thing is by going to meetings and talking and listening. By talking with my sponser regularly and others too. Been working for me.