Friday, November 14, 2014

Through my Childs Eyes

Gavin --------------
Ms. Lucky
English I Period 4
28 October 2014
Road to Recovery
When I was growing my Mom was a major drinker. She got her second DUI  when I was  only 6. She spent a couple weeks in jail. When I was 7 she decided to stop drinking because if she got another DUI she would spend years in prison and never be able to drive again. This led her to take a road to recovery.

My Mom like most alcoholics had an incrediblely  hard time giving up what helped  her keep herself together. Her sponsor Nancy helped her get through this hard part of her life. Nancy is an older woman who has been in recover upwards of 40 years. Until my Mom could reestablished herself and gets her license back she would go to 1 or 2 AA meeting a day.  Going to this many meeting really help her thrive in life. 

She started a website called to help other alcoholic’s mom get through their struggles. She would blog daily and her website progressively got more and more popular. She was put in an article for People Magazine about her story. She was also on a episode of Dr. Phil talking to help other alcoholic women. She later starred in a documentary about other alcoholic mom called Lipstick and Liquor.

Until my Mom got her car back times were very hard when I was living with her. We were very poor and could hardly afford food. As soon as my mom got back on her feet she started to work for Bill Johnson’s Big Apple where she found herself loving her job as there Event Coordinator. She loved her job because they feed minor league for baseball teams during spring training. For me,  being a giant baseball fan, this was a dream.  I go to hang out in the Cub’s Club house and talk to baseball player it was amazing.

After 2 years of working for Bill Johnson’s Big Apple she realized that the restaurant was going to have to close soon. So she bravely quit and started her own business called ETC. by Emily. It an employment/concierge company. My mom said that “She will make 100,000 dollars per year within the first 5 years of start of her business”. She is still trying to get  but with her skill I believe that she will be able to do it.

When I was younger I didn’t truly understand everything my Mom has gone through. Now that I do I have very much respect for how and how hard she has work to become the person that she is today. I’m proud that she has overcame every obstacle that has gotten in her way whether it be drinking, smoking or finding a job. I’m just proud to say she’s my Mom! 

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