Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I was that Girl

This weekend at one of my events we had a little hiccup. The night was going wonderfully, everyone is calm and happy and then.......

A very intoxicated woman takes a tumble down our stairs (luckily we were not the ones who over served her) Here she is on the stairs, crying and confused and completely lost. I held her and rocked her back and forth as she cried in my arms - so sad :( Once 911 arrived  Firemen do what they normally do with intoxicated people....5 firemen in your face asking you questions does not help matters - I know this because as the title of this post says, I was that girl. It took me back to a place I never want to go again.

As I come up on 7 years of sobriety I find myself forgetting what it was life. I NEVER want to underestimated the horrible shape I was in before I got sober - Losing my mind, in and out of institutions, driving drunk, wanting to die...It was horrible and going back there is not a choice for me.

This weekend I had a glimpse at the life I've left behind....probably just what I needed.  


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