Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Asking for what I want/need....

In my life I am trying to communicate my wants and needs clearly.  It isn't anyone else's responsibility to take care of my needs or wants but it is certainly my responsibility to communicate them clearly - as I have found that if I don't I end up unfairly pissed at someone and they have no reason why. That leads to resentments and we all know that resentments are disastrous for alcoholics.

So here's the deal and this may sound spoiled and bratty - but this is my blog and I will be a brat if I want...when I ask someone (especially someone I am in a romantic relationship with or thinking of being in a romantic relationship with) for what I want or need (and it is within reason) for the first time in my life I expect them to do it...WHY? Because I would do it for them...and  I am  worth at least what I am willing to give. Simple as that. 

I have had habit of putting myself on sale (for lack of a better term) I would fit into their life instead of someone fitting into mine, I have readjusted schedules and comprised what I needed and wanted. Part of the reason is this...I don't really care. I don't really care if we hang out at your house instead of mine, I don't really care if we do what you want to do most of the time and I don't really mind adjusting my schedule. I haven't cared until I care. 

If you are lucky enough (my self-esteem returning) to be the person I am vulnerable enough that I share my wants and needs - think about doing it - I am worth it - and I would do it for you!  

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