Saturday, October 4, 2014


A friend wrote a blog post the other day about options and how they aren't alway that great of a thing. I try so hard to stay opened and flexible in most areas of my life. I want everything to be by Gods design and in order for that to happen I have to leave the outcome of situations up to The Lord. With that being said I think I may have been too loose at times looking at everything as an option, when the fact is that it isn't. 

Dating a man who doesn't believe in God- not an option. Lying or cheating to further my career- not an option. Putting anything in front of my children-not an option. Moving to Antarctica- not option. I think you get my point. 

As obvious as it sounds that those things wouldn't be an option I still tend to find myself negotiating with things that really should have a hard line.

Just the mindset of something not being an option has truly truly changed my life over last few days.

Getting a new perspective on things is always an option!

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