Thursday, October 2, 2014

Helping Others

I have been a little bit torn about which direction to go in my life lately, I have so many amazing opportunities in front of me. I have prayed numerous times over the last few months to help me with my path. 

Something happened today that reminded me of why I started this blog. When I got sober I was more lonely than I could ever described. My insides felt like shattered glass. I started this blog and I went public so nobody else would ever have to feel that lonely.

I had the opportunity to tell somebody my story this afternoon. She shared her experience of seeing the Dr. Phil show I was on and shared with me how it had affected her. 

I sometimes forget that my true job in life is to help other people. If I was asked what my one purpose on earth was, the answer would be - to be of service. I sometimes forget that but today I got a beautiful reminder.

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  1. I too just recently saw the Dr. Phil episode that you were on and I want to say thank you. I am 7 days sober, this time. How many times does it take I often wonder. I have started down this journey many times. I always wondered do people really sober up and stay that way and if so, why has it been such a struggle for me? I hear of people with months and years of sobriety and wonder, "Did they do it right the first time?...."Am I the only alcoholic with failures"?