Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bring yesterday into Today

I had a terrible day at work yesterday. Most of it was of my own doing, which always sucks. Even though I have looked at what can be corrected, it's still screwing with my serenity. A few minutes ago I looked at when the last time I went to a meeting was - Um last Sunday, really?! I'm sure there are  people in the world that can go to a meeting every now and then - I am not one of them. It annoys me when it's an afterthought. I've always had a rough time with the fact that when I'm at my busiest, when I have the most on my plate is when I need a meeting the most. Here I am with a  million things going on and I have this stupid disease that makes me stop everything I'm doing - and go to a meeting. The very thing I don't feel like doing is the absolute thing that I must. It sucks sometimes. Really I want to just lay in bed all day and watch Netflix, but the fact is that will not help my crazy thinking. Off to a meeting! 

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