Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Setting a Goal

I have a friend who just started blogging, and does it daily. It's a nice treat to know that when I click on his blog there will be fresh content for me to read. That use to be the case on here. In fact you could click on here numerous times per day and find something new. Then life happened....which I am so not complaining about, but I made a commitment when I started this blog that it would always be here - that it wouldn't be the kind of blog you feel in love with and then disappeared. I promised myself that I would blog in sickness and in health, that I would share my heart with you, and I hoped in return you would share your heart with me and the other readers....and for a very long time that is exactly what happened. It was amazing.

I am sorry if you are on of those readers who looked forward to content,  and then clicked on here only to find less and less of it over the years.

I am good at sticking to the goals I set. So I am setting a goal to blog more often. (((hug)))  

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