Thursday, September 25, 2014


I'm am a Mother, daughter, business owner, employee, blogger, public speaker, yogi and a women in recovery...... BALANCE - without it I am a mess. Shit, who am I kidding even when I have it I'm sometimes a mess. 

When I first got sober I had two things to balance - being a Mom and staying sober. That was all I had in me. I had nothing more to give. I was really sick. At the end of the day when I layed my head down sober I had accomplished all I needed to. 

It's still the same really - if I stay sober it's a win. But sobriety has given me this big huge full life that I am so, so grateful for that.  I think the gratitude is the reason that sometimes I feel like I need to do it all perfectly. Perfectionism...ugh! 

Lately I've had to go back to the basics and remind myself to love and embrace the beautiful blessing of my sobriety and to stay in the moment. 

As busy and crazy as it can be, my life is truly blessed.

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