Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One Comment

One comment saved this blog. Yesterday I decided to stop blogging - partly out of self pity (no one reads it anyway, there's never any comments...blah, blah, blah) and partly because I really haven't had much to say.

Then I read a comment and remembered why I started this blog in the first place - it was to help people feel less alone.  

I still don't have much to say - but I will keep blogging anyway.


  1. Glad to see that :)

    Even if we reach one person, then it's worth it!


  2. Emily - you have helped me start my road to sobriety and seek out professional help to do so. I tried for many years to stop on my own - believing that I could stop on my own. Your blog was the only place I admitted my alcoholism. Because of you, I never gave up. Thank you.


  3. I just sent you an email. Please don't stop! You have encouraged so many! I want to achieve your goals. So proud of you!

  4. Don't stop. I just started. Not doing so well.

  5. Yes you have made a difference, one person at a time. I saw the movie Lipstick & Liquor in Scottsdale, April 2013. I thought about you and your journey. We all have a story to tell, being humble, brave, determined. We have done it all and then some. Keep on keeping on, one day at a time.

  6. Just found your blog after watching lipstick and liquor. I was so excited to check it out, but when I open the page, it shuts down after a few seconds. But I didn't give up! I finally figured out that if I quickly click on a month to read, it will open, and stay open. Maybe others are having the same issue? Not having this problem with other pages....
    Anyway Emily, you are amazing, and I think more women need to share openly about their struggles with alcohol. I believe that the reason women (especially moms) don't seek help, is because it would require them to drop the "perfect" mask that so many of us wear. I got sober on August 4th, 2011. I am blessed with two little boys who are 9&11. They remember the perfect me, and they much prefer the real me. Funny, my youngest says he doesn't remember me drinking, he just remembers me yelling.
    I have a dream of helping other moms, but have a fear of my kids being ostracized. People hear recovered alcoholic, and many don't understand what that means. They would just rather their kids didn't associate with mine. I've spent the last year pretty depressed over gossip and rumors going around the kids school. Funny how no one seems to have a problem with you until you admit you're alcoholic. I want to scream sometimes at the ignorance in our culture. What you're doing is making a dent. Keep it up. You were so awesome to go on Dr. Phil and try to help that mom. I thought it was strange that you were the only one on that stage that was qualified to get through to her, but you weren't given much of an opportunity to least not on camera. Please don't stop doing this blog...ever. Let me know if you ever need help fighting this very real battle to help alcoholic moms. I'm not far away, in Tucson. Bless you.