Saturday, April 5, 2014

64 Days of Yoga

It wasn't like I meant to set that long or large of a goal. It actually happened by accident. On February 1st I Facebooked that I was going to "set a goal" to do yoga everyday until my 40th Birthday. It was just a goal I was shooting for. I had no idea it was one I was going to accomplish. But I did, I did accomplish it. Here's what happened to push me from the mind set of "I'll try" to the mind set of "I will go to yoga everyday regardless of how busy I am, what else is going on, or whether on not I feel like it" I posted on Facebook everyday of my journey and on about day 5 someone commented that it was nice to see someone do what they said they were going to do....I knew at this that point that I was going to accomplish my goal. It became a top priority.

I won't lie - the first 20 days were rough. Teaching my brain to stop making excuses was hard. You know that BS dialogue that our brains play. I'll go tomorrow, I'll go to a later class, I set a goal - I don't really have to go everyday...blah-blah-blah. The mental fight to get up and to get in the room, even though I know every time I walk out of the yoga room I feel better, it was still hard to get up and go everyday.

Then something shifted, my brain stopped making excuses, and instead would set my day around which yoga class I was going to attend. Four days ago I got sick -not deathly sick, but sick. Yoga was the last thing I wanted to do - but I went anyway. I took it easier, but I went.

I have always considered myself to be decently undisciplined. The past 64 days have taught me that this is absolutely incorrect. When I mean business it will get done. On my intention list for this year I wrote -to have my perfect body by 40- And by perfect I don't mean what you see in a magazine, I don't mean the body I had at 20, or even 30 for that matter. I mean a body of a woman, a woman who has curves, a woman who is comfortable not only on the outside but even more importantly on the inside. I wanted to walk into my 40th year at the top of my game with as much pride, grace, and dignity as I possible could.

Happy Birthday to me!

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