Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You deserve to be happy....

I cannot believe I am where I am right now - I probably wrote the same thing in my last post - but that is okay - I am still in the same beautiful place. And that in its self is a miracle - my first few years in soberity I was lucky to have two good days in a row. God, looking back that was really hard - all of the ups and downs, all of the emotions, all of the fear...I battled it on a daily basis. I don't anymore. That is a blessing of sobriety. 

It is super hard to get sober, but once the light shines in, once you deal with some of the underline issues, it isn't really that hard to stay sober. 

Just start. Start right now. Start right where you are. You do not have to spend the rest of your life consumed with the though of alcohol. There is a better life for you. I promise. 


  1. Thank you Emily! Cali here and I finally did start. I finally realized that I can't get sober alone. I confided to my dearest friend and she is my support. She also encouraged me to reach out to a doctor, who is now part of my support system. In the next few days, I will see a therapist. I have been sober only 8 days, but this is huge for me. I finally feel that I am on my path, and not in denial thinking I could do this on my own. I am now "accountable" to other people and believe it or not, helps me a great deal. It seems that it is easier to let myself down, but not others, especially my dear friend who cares so much about me. Eventually, I hope to get the courage to attend some meetings,but for now, this is my start. Thank you Emily. It is because of your blog that I began to think about trying to stop drinking my nightly bottle off wine. It took me a while, but finally, I reached out to truly get some help and admitted to being an alcoholic. Bless you. You deserve to be in the beautiful place you are in now.

    Take care.


  2. Oh Cali!!! I am so happy to hear this! Annette here - I think we've both been on Em's blog site for about 4-5 yrs now and have both struggled with sobriety. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still around, reading, "getting it", empathizing - we can do this.....but we cannot do it alone....I'm FINALLY beginning to realize that (dang I hate how stubborn and hard-headed I am sometimes!!)....Keep it up one day at a time and keep us posted as to how things are going - good, bad & ugly - we all get it :)

    Hugs to ya girl!


    1. Thank you Annette. I will keep it up one day at a time. Saw my therapist yesterday and will begin weekly sessions. I am cautiously optimistic (read about being on the pink cloud). I feel much lighter now that the burden of "keeping my secret" is lifted somewhat. I can now look at myself in the mirror and not see the shame each morning. Yes, one day at a time. I appreciate you still checking in. I will keep you posted!