Saturday, December 21, 2013

Where my heart is.....

I think I'm ready to blog about what happened in my love life over the past few months. I met a guy that I really liked - for it being short, quick, and painful I guess we could even call it love. I feel, quick, and hard...flags flew, and I would feel a lot  better if I could say that I just ignored them, but I didn't - I allowed him to talk me out of them. When broken becomes intriguing, and the sick "high" from a combative relationship reminds you of your drinking days, running would be good - but that isn't what did end, but not half as quick as it should have.

The sad truth is it damaged me a little bit. It completely changed my feeling about what I wanted...I've always wanted happily ever after, take your breath away love - but I found myself crying the other day when I realized that right now in my life that seem like more work than it is worth. :( 


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