Monday, December 30, 2013


Vulnerability ... not a big fan! 


  1. How have you learned to forgive yourself? I still cannot forgive myself for being careless with my life when I was drinking. I am a "yet." So I keep thinking I am going to pay some how, most likely through my health. I keep waiting for my health to fail and I am wasting my life with worry. I should be happy. By all accounts, I am healthy; I just had a healthy baby boy; I have a good job; and I have been sober for over two years. My worry and anxiety has affected my life more than drinking ever did. Do you have any advice? Thank you!

  2. Thank God for bringing your alcoholism to light & be GRATEFUL for your good health,ask God to help you make peace with your past.Get a sponser & start working the twelve step programe of recovery God Bless you & your family have a sober New year .