Friday, December 13, 2013

The beginning...

The first days, really the first months in sobriety are painfully lonely, and scary. How is one going to give up the very thing that they believe kept them happy -or at least numb- How is a person who every though and plan has something to do with alcohol possible going to put the bottle down and live in any other state than constantly craze alcohol? When the joyous, happy and free thing they promise in sobriety seems so unobtainable that going one day without alcohol, much less a life time, seems like life's over. But I promise that it is worth it! I promise that it is easier to stay sober than it is to get sober. 

I don't know one sober alcoholic that can't relate to the above paragraph. Please let that sentence help to make you feel less alone. You are understood, even the things you are hiding or ashamed of have been done by countless alcoholics. Reach out...ask for help...comment on here...send me a email - but do not sit at home thinking you're alone, cause you're not. 


  1. I needed to hear that. Thanks!

  2. I really needed to read this, too. I did the sobriety calculator on your website and today I've been sober for 200 days...! The not drinking for me has been ok, its the ways of thinking/dealing that I'm having problems with - I was a binge drinker for YEARS. It was just so much easier to hang out with people (i.e., tolerate them?) that way and fit in. After 25+ years of that, I'm relearning how to be social. How to be real. Those people I drank with now don't seem at all interesting and I find many of them superficial. Since I've stopped drinking my anxiety has disappeared but the depression lingers and gets the best of me some days.

    I don't go to AA - I'm not sure how I feel about it. I read a ton of recovery blogs, listen to podcasts (AA or otherwise), but nobody around me "gets" it. They don't think I've got a real "problem" and are frustrated that I've moved on. Hence the feeling alone!

    Thanks for your blog and opportunity to comment...

  3. I am afraid to ask for help. No body in my family knows that I drink everyday or that I have been abusing alcohol for months. I'm terrified.