Friday, December 20, 2013

Opinions - everyone has one!

I rarely blog about my opinions on "hot topics" and I'll tell you why .. Normally it's because I don't give a shit enough to have an opinion, and I certainly don't care enough to debate about them. When I was out there drinking I flipping cared and had a opinion on EVERYTHING and would defend until the end. In sobriety I care about my friends and my family, and helping others - really that's about it. 

Whether or not some red neck Duck dude shared his opinion and pissed people off really doesn't bug or affect me in anyway. I will say my opinion on it  is that saying what he said did nothing but boost his fame, and I have a decent amount of respect for the fact his family is standing behind him.  With that being said, I think he seems like sort of a nut job. But I guess it takes one to know one! Lol

There! I share my opinion, someone called me a wimp today for not.  And he was right, it's time for me to throw a little bit more of Emily into! 

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