Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Mmmm - to have it is a beautiful thing. To know that everything is going to be fine with or without you worrying about it - It truly is your choice. For so many years I worried about every little detail of everything. Today - not so much. 

December stressed me out for years. And I'm not going to lie fear and stress did start to sneak in this year. How am I possibly going to make Christmas happen? I just got back from a trip, my car needs hundreds of dollar of work. How with one pay check till Christmas am I going to make the magic happen for my boys? But you know what? It'll happen. It has happened every year for 18 years.  Christmas is magic like that. It happens, you never really know how, but it does. It always has - and it always will. There is nothing for me to worry about. 

I will be truly proud of myself if I plan something which teaches my children that Christmas is about giving not only about getting. I am pretty sure that if Jesus could ask for one thing for his Birthday it would be that ever person would do something kind for another. 

I am truly in love with my faith. It brings me a calm that nothing else ever could. 

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  1. Wonderful post. I too have this sense that things will happen in the way that they need to happen, and like the magic happening for your boys, it will come. My job is to not get worked up or stressed about it. Sure I need to do the foot work, but having faith that the Creator will care for me in the way He sees it, brings me comfort. Sure I get anxious about things, big and small, but like you, having that faith grounds me and keeps me from losing my head.

    Thank you for sharing this :)

    Love and light,