Monday, November 18, 2013

Your Body is Beautiful!

I am leaving for Hawaii in 2 weeks. Between my new relationship, and some other personal BS going on in life, I have managed to gain some weight. Last year right around this time I joined Weight Watchers and it was very successful for me. I am a girl who needs structure, routine, and a program to accomplish things. Weight Watchers works great - if you work it! Very similar to another program I'm in! So I'm back on Weight Watchers. Along with that for the next two weeks I am trying to cut out bread and sugar. I LOVE bread and sugar - so this has been a bit painful! 

This time around I am trying to do things a little differently - I am trying to keep my inner dialogue kind, and too love my body through it. So my butts bigger...have you seen Kim Kardashian? Compared to her I have a tiny ass, right?! 

I'll be honest I haven't done the whole loving your body through a weight loss perfectly - in fact the other day I was trying to get into  a pair of jeans,  and I was so pissed that they didn't fit that I had a huge temper tantrum, and ripped them. Progress not perfection, I guess?! 


  1. Yes, progress not perfection...ha ha. I too go through an up and down thing with the weight - namely because of my, ahem, predilection to sugar as a residue of my boozy woozy days. I am on a "good" run (I need to stop labelling this kind of stuff) with little to no sugar and when that happens I too am able to fit into regular jeans. When I am "bad" (see labels, above), then I feel grainy about myself and get grumpy and all woe is me. But what you said about being kind and loving to this vessel of mine is very bang on. We constantly talk about being gentle to ourselves, about cutting ourselves some slack, etc. but we ignore that when it comes to our bodies.

    Great message :)

    Good luck with the bread and sugar (he says eyeing a chocolate chip cookie). And bread...oh don't get me started.


  2. I try to deal with my bad eating just like I do with my day at a time - if I have a crappy day of eating - I try to follow it up with a positive, healthy eating day, fueled with at least an hour of exercise - for instance, I declared this past Sunday a day of "I'm not gonna do nuthin" day.....I didn't even brush my teeth. I woke up besieged by multiple crazy drinking dreams that automatically made me wake up in a crappy mood - I walked downstairs where everyone was already awake and found 2 dozen Dunkin Donuts.....JACKPOT!!!! I gobbled down 2 donuts before I knew it, said a few snide things to my sons and then proceeded to fall back asleep on the couch for a couple hours. I awoke to the boys being nowhere in sight - doing their own thing - hubby doing his own thing - so what did I do.....I helped myself to 3 more Dunkin Donuts and laid back down on the hubs came out of the office and I declared to him that I was officially having a "lazy day" and was that okay???? WTF???? Why am I asking my husband if it is ok for me to have a "lazy day"???? His thoughts exactly - he said, "honey, you don't have to explain yourself or ask for permission to have a lazy day - just do it"...major part of my problem - I put too much stock in what my hubby thinks of me - AT ALL TIMES....I've even had women in my circle with lots of sobriety ask me if I thought I made my hubby my Higher Power - WOW.....something to definitely ponder :) But back to my sugar overload on Sunday - I got up to eat even a few more donuts later - I think I totaled 7 for the day and then somehow managed to eat a 6 inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich from Subway later that nite - I felt miserable when I went to bed! But you know what - I had a shitty eating day - sue me! I woke up Monday morning - with a bit of a sugar hangover, but nonetheless, I CHOSE to make the day different than the day before.....I committed to hit my workout class at the gym....after I got on my knees and asked God to help me to stay sober for the day and to show me His will for the past I would have just said "screw it!!! I caved and ate 7 donuts and I'm a fat slug!!!! Guess today is not gonna be any different - might as well head out to Dunkin Donuts for another sugar O/D"....but I am slowly learning from this program of recovery - yeah, I might have a bad day, but I can CHOOSE to make the next day better and more productive and to not self-sabotage myself :)......for this, I am grateful!