Monday, November 11, 2013

Why do we say thank you to Veterans on a Veterans Day?

As I scrolled through FB today, I witnessed a huge outpouring of patriotic pictures and countless expressions of gratitude to our fellow Americans who've worn a military uniform. The question came to me, what are we thanking them for?
The answer came to me from close by. These men and women made a choice to step outside our social contract. They gave up their constitutional rights, and placed themselves between us and people who want to destroy the things we hold dear. Why? 
Some believe in glory, some in patriotism, some looking for a better life and a sense of security. All of them walk away with the same thing. A sense of doing something greater than themselves, to protect the way of life they grew up with.

 "Military service is a brotherhood that brings people together with a shared goal and a strength of purpose. When we say thank you to them, we are thanking ourselves, and all fellow Americans stretching back over 235 years." 

I asked the author of this quote to explain it to me. I  didn't get it, I didn't get how I could possibly be thanking myself...what Have I ever done for this country? He calmly explained to me the idea of patriotism....when something or someone threatens this country's safety we come together - regardless of what it is, we ban together. There is nothing that bonds this country quicker than threat, or tragedy. That is brotherhood, that is what America is all about. I get it, and the idea makes me feel a  bit prouder to be an American. 

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