Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What do you think about the most?


I remember a few years back being really, really obsessed over a man - my heart was broken, and I was in a huge amount of emotional pain. When I went to my sponsor with it  she explained to me that what ever I thought about the most was my God. That did not sit well with me - at all. I was thinking about a man all the time, just like I had though about alcohol all the time in the beginning of sobriety. I totally got what she was saying, and those few words have staying with me in my sobriety. When I am in a obsessive though pattern I know it is because something has come before my God. Now I catch those thoughts and return my mind to my higher power. 

I know that the above is a huge concept in the beginning of sobriety, or in the beginning of any recovery, really. But it's a learned with everything else it takes practice. Try this....the next time you think about drinking - the second the though comes to you- say a prayer. And if you're new in sobriety when the same though comes back in 5 minutes say another works, I promise! 

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