Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dry Drunk

Yesterday I was on the biggest "dry drunk" of my sobriety. What is a "dry drunk" you may ask. Well, let me tell is when you have all of the negative symptoms of being drunk..mad, anxious, mean, stubborn. It was emotionally and physically painful. And instead of going to a meeting right away I sat it in all day.

I was almost forced to go a meeting. I got there, and after the speakers 3rd sentence I was at peace.

Hi! I'm Emily, a "stubborn" alcoholic!

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  1. There are 5 sayings on my homegroup wall:
    Live and let live
    Easy does it
    But for the grace of God
    Think, Think, Think
    First things first

    Put in that order they spell a 6th saying: "Live Easy, But Think First"

    Live Easy, Emily. No one "deified" you, so being human you're allowed to have bad days. It's not a dry drunk until it's measured in months or years. Sounds like you just need a sponsee to work with; someone who has more problems than solutions.

    Thank you for writing. You do it well.