Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Thoughts

Are all the flipping over the place...why? Because I haven't been to a meeting in like 2 weeks...I know, I know! I'm meeting my friend Laura at one tonight at 6. I have found the best way to make sure I get to a  meeting is to meet someone  there. 

What else is up with me.... I am dating, on-line's scary out there. I have been on few "actual" dates as my screening process is rough. I'm going to go ahead and take my own inventory really quick..."Why am I dating if I can't even make it to meetings?" I've already looked at that-and I'm stepping up my program! Now more about dating....I've already been dumped (before even meeting the guy) for being friends with John, and I've been dumped for letting a man know that it's important to me to wait a bit before having sex...OMG....good thing I've read the 4 agreements and don't take any of this personally!!

I hurt someones feels (again someone I haven't even met) and here is the apology pretty much sums up how I feel about on-line dating......

Awww..I'm sorry that you felt that way. On-line dating is tough on me. I get a lot of messages and it's almost like I have to not care in the beginning...people don't answer back, you'll be having a great conversation with someone and they'll disappear..  lots of rejection. So I'm thick skinned and sort of thoughtless in the beginning.

Once I start caring a little bit, that person deserves for me to focus on them...cause I'm not really a tough, thick skinned, thoughtless .women...I'm actually really sweet.  

Again, I am sorry if any of my actions made you feel bad. That was not my intent  

Lots of typing for a man I've never met....I'm all for men being able to express their emotions, but for God sake if I can hurt your feeling before we've even meet-then we don't stand a chance.

I am going to have fun with this whole dating thing if it's the last thing I do! 

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