Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He's really not that into me...

If you've read between the lines the last 6 months you could probably tell that I've been in a on and off again relationship. It opened up a big can of emotional whoop ass-none of which had anything to do with him. He was completely emotionally unavailable-but that isn't on him, as he is the 3rd emotionally unavailable man I have picked in a row. So I had to look at some hard stuff-I had to ask myself, is it maybe that I am emotionally unavailable?'ll be happy to know it isn't-I learned that in the last 6 months (see everything for a reason, painful or not) for some reason I am drawn to people who aren't healthy. My need to fix? Maybe. My rejection issues? Could be. My lack of self-esteem? Hope not! Whatever it is though I am willing to work on it, I am willing to walk through pain and discomfort to be to able to have a happy and healthy relationship.

I asked him not to txt me, and because I have very little self control I also asked him not to txt me back. Enough.

And just so I remember, this is why among 100 other reasons : He told me he wasn't ready to be boyfriend/girlfriend. But I still want to see you?? Translation: I want to sleep with you-but in no way be responsible for your feelings or emotions.

I'm out. And if you are a single woman and haven't read the book "He's really not that into you" I highly suggest it. It helps with translations!

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