Friday, August 2, 2013


Ha! Even typing that word makes me giggle. For so many years I had none, nor did I respect anyone else's.

Boundaries are a very new thing in my life. Setting them with love can be tough. Sometimes setting boundaries simply means removing unhealthy people from your life. And of course that would be the first description of boundaries I can come up with, being that I often remove people from my life out of fear of rejection, rather than just because they're toxic. Not to worry peeps I'm far from healthy. But I am learning, and observing my behavior.

Boundaries are important. In my mind if I have set clear ones than another persons behavior can affect my happiness very little. I often use the term "stay out of my hula hoop" what I mean by that is the hula hoop is my safety zone, it's my visual of my boundaries. If I'm spiritually fit, and my hula hoop is clear of rubbish-then even when I run across assholes in life I see them as sick people and my instinct is to have love and compassion for them. If I let my hoop get all mucky with everyone else's crap then I myself turn into the asshole.

I hope you all got something out of that babbling post! Lol!

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