Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Why do you think I don't give anyone my heart? God has my heart, and always will. Doesn't mean I won't love again-just means the next time won't kill me.

I txt this to a friend going through a heartbreak. God, how it brought me back to the days that I had a broken heart-horrible! I never want to be in that spot again-ever! Looking back I now know that heartbreak was necessary to make me the woman I am today. I wouldn't change anything, I love who I am. But still, it really hurt.

I will be honest though I sometimes wonder what it will be like when I do fall in love. I never want "sick love" again. Love where I stop hanging out with my friends, where I stop having my independent, love where his reactions or behavior affects my happiness. To me that's not love-honestly I find that gross, and scary. And for me old behavior that I've had in every relationship, and that I never want again.

But I do want love.....

"May my heart be so close to God, that he has to chase him to find me"

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