Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Non Traditional Family

Yesterday at Gavin's game I had this light bulb moment about my family. It is unique, and to some it is unbelievably odd. But to me it is amazing, and sacred, and mine. The above picture is of Clay (my was-been) and John (my x-boyfriend-best friend guy) they are shooting Beau a txt pretty much telling him that we are all on the same page, and that he needed to shape up. The new guy probably would have been there too-had his week panned out a little bit differently. The deal is everybody just has to get along-we've worked really hard over the years not to kill each other-and trust me at times it was hard. But we always has one thing going for us-the boys came first, plain and simple. I don't care if I wanted to knock John and Clay's block off at the same time...I sucked it up (well, most of the time) I sucked it up, and pretended I liked them even when I didn't, and guessed what happened - one day I didn't have to pretend anymore- none of us have to pretend anymore -we actually like each other. I have seen children, and families destroyed over resentments -and I am so, so thankful that didn't happen to mine. My family may seem odd-it may have few boundaries-It may make no sense to anyone else-but to me it is perfect -and for that I am grateful!

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