Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Protecting my Low Cards

I read a blog today that very well could have change my life. It was amazing, and in some weird way gave me the permission to share my story at a deeper level.

You see I've been hiding my crazy-and instead acting like a lady (I love that song) Now the acting like a lady part (minus my overuse of the word fuck) it's kind of just me, it's who I am, it is how I was raised-and what is expected of me. In many ways it stops me from being a complete nut job.

But the whole being a lady thing, and the unwillingness to sharing my crazy is stopping me from sharing the stuff that I know in my heart I'm supposed to be. Our life is out testimony... There's never been a doubt in my mind that what I went through was for a reason, and the reason was to help other people. But if I keep it all trapped up in my mind, then who am I helping? No one-not even myself.

It is time in my journey to share "me" To share a little bit more of what I've been through, and and a whole lot more about the survival techniques I use not to go back there.

Xo, em

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  1. Share it girl, if you touch one person you save many. You are a brave girl, I know you can do it! Xxo, Rebecca www.rebeccadashow.com