Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hidden Blessings

Last night I was reminded that everything we go through...ever bit of love, every bit off  pain, every bit of trauma,  is for a reason, and that reason is SO-SO much bigger than us.

I believe that if we are following Gods will than on really special days we get to see how Gods turns our past into a miracle...A miracle that help us to help another person. It is amazing. When I share a situation from my past to help someone feel less alone, less afraid, to give them hope, or courage-it makes whatever that thing from my past was-not matter how painful it, worth it.

And maybe it is just that simple. We go through the stuff we go through, we learn from it -to be able to pass that wisdom on  to another a person.

What if we were look at every situation-painful or not as blessing that God will use down the road? 

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