Thursday, January 24, 2013

Any Questions?

Since I have nothing to say these days. Let's do something you have any questions for me? About my recovery? My family? How to get sober? How I stay sober? Whatever you want to know?!


  1. Great to hear your share this morning,for all the time I have known you, I never knew all this Dr.Phil,Blog stuff.The Emily I know is Humble, grateful, and helpful and that's what its all about.Thanks for your courage to put yourself out there so that others can get help and not die,keep coming back Charlie

  2. I know some people relapse after years (or months) of sobriety. What is the key to preventing that from happening?

  3. Thank you Charlie!

    Miss Montana-
    I have easily tried to answer this question on here 50 times, but none of them have gone through....makes me wonder if everyone has that hard of a time commenting ;/

    As for why people with time go back out-I think they get a feeling of "I got this" But the fact is, that you never really "get it" and even if for some crazy reason you do, your suppose to be giving it all back. You see if we stop working our recovery program, if we stop going to meetings then there is only sick people in the rooms...which would be a mess. So I guess they key is to "Keep coming Back" Emily