Saturday, December 15, 2012


Last night I held my kids just a little bit tighter. I appreciated my life just a little bit more.

As I took a moment to be heartbroken for the families that will never be able to hold their children again. My God-I can't even imagine, I won't lie...I questioned my faith for a second, and asked God what the fuck he was thinking letting that happen. But I know all to well that if we question the tragedy's, we then have to question all of the miracles.

I mentally moved on to how I would present this horrible information to my 12 year old. Do we talk about evil? Do we talk about mentally illness? What do I do when he questions God? How the hell do you tell a 12 year that some crazy ass shot 20 innocent babies for no reason. How do you turn that into a life lesson of any kind.....I did my best, thanks to a face book friend.....

Mr Roger Mom once told him that in the face of tragedy look for the helpers. They will always be there. Focus on that. That is what I told Gavin yesterday. I told him about what happened, and told him that when he sees it on TV to focus on the helpers. There will be many. I then told him to always try to be one.

It is a bitter sweet thing that tragedy brings us closer together, the pain unites us, the sorrow spreads love and empathy......What if we could learn to do that without tragedy's? Would they stop happening?

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