Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Comments

I feel like having a bit of a tantrum over the fact no one comments any makes me :(

I went to a funeral today...that also made me :(

Besides that life is good.

Now you go...


  1. Oh Emily, I am at now at good place but do check in from time to time.. Peace in this holiday season... - . I do think of those who posted so much in the past.. Annette .. I wish her well wishes..Peace in in all things.
    It does get better.....

  2. Hi Emily, I just found your blog through a friend... on a site I belong to on Facebook. It's called OARS and it's for the family and friends of alcoholics. You can find them by way of The Immortal Alcoholic since it's a private group on FB. Don't feel bad about less comments. The author of Crying Out Now was talking about the same thing a few days ago on her blogs and someone suggested that it might be because a lot of people read blogs through a 'reader' on Yahoo or Google.So they see your posts but can't comment from there. Reading blogs like yours gives me hope for my son to someday find his way to sobriety. Thanks for all your hard work being here for 'us'. Happy New 2013 Year :D

  3. I am still here, although quiet. Where is Annette? I am glad you are happy, Emily. You have worked so very hard for it.