Friday, December 21, 2012

4 Days till Christmas

Okay-would you like to explain to me how that happened?? Where the heck did the month go?? I am grateful to say that I am almost finished Christmas shopping, but all of the other 100 things that I wanted to do this holiday season aren't done-dang it! We did bake sugar cookies, and go look at lights....but we didn't go to Zoo lights, or the train park...or-or-or.......

I guess I'll talk about "enough" it never feels like enough for me -we haven't done enough cool stuff, I haven't bought enough presents, we don't have enough decorations-whatever it is I don't ever feel that it is enough................yes, it is part of our dieEASE. Never enough alcohol, or food, or men, or WHATEVER...

So this year I am telling myself it is enough. It is perfect, and everything is magical, and bright, and wonderful-and most of all ENOUGH.

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