Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last night in yoga I was reminded of something I use to do while I was in a deep depression...it is crazy the practices we forget when we no longer need them to survive.
The yoga instructor was going through each part of our bodies "Relax your feet, now feel your toes." and so and, so on. It reminded me of the depressed days on my couch-when I would start at my toes and with all my heart think-happy, happy, happy (or love or whatever survival word I had chosen for the day) into each body part. It was almost like mentally rebooting my brain chemistry. It was powerful. And the amazing thing about it is that it worked.

                                                    The power of thought-it is amazing.

So today on your journey through this crazy hectic world  be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself as if you were your best friend...with love, and understanding. You are perfect, you are perfect right now, right where you are.

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  1. I am back and I needed this post. I am so happy you are still here...I will do my best not to vanish again. I need you all, prayers too.